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Commecement Welging Inspection by AWS-CWI,
Assistance for Import and Export Welding Structures.

The Japan Power Engineering and Inspection Corporation (hereinafter called "JAPEIC") has been carrying out Japanese welding inspection for electric facility as the third party organization since 1970 when JAPEIC was established. JAPEIC commences welding inspection by AWS-CWI utilizing our achievements and experiences of japanese welding inspection for past more than 45 years. When a welding shop makes use of AWS-CWI of JAPEIC which is the third party organization, reliability of welded products for customers can be advanced.
If you received demands for production of welding structures by AWS from your customers, and if there is anecessity of inspection by AWS-CWI, and if you need any assistance about welding structures, please feel free to contact us.

If you requests inspection etc. by AWS-CWI of JAPEIC, we review procedure manuals regarding of inspection witness or WPS (Welding Procedure Specification), WPQ (Welder (Welding Operation) Performance Qualification), gWelding Structuresh based on AWS. (Regarding of a received order of welding structures on which AWS standard is applied, an inspection by AWS-CWI becomes essential condition in some cases depending on demands by customers.)
Please feel free to contact us regarding of not only the inspection utilizing AWS-CWI but also the assistance activities for welding structures of imports or exports.

AWS-CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) means the Welding Inspector certified by AWS (American Welding Society).

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